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Welcome to Healthcare - RCM

We are committed to bringing the best service experience to our customers by delivering efficient, cost effective and quality-driven medical billing services. .

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Designed to support physicians with managing the back office functions of billing and collections

At Healthcare - RCM, our specialists understand the revenue cycle and ensure that the linking of CPT code or Diagnosis code (ICD 10) and processing is done in a timely manner and provide the follow-up on the claims as well.Revenue Cycle Management covers everything that results in you getting paid...

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Patient Account Receivable

VSS Patient AR Follow up has been providing AR follow up for patient balance through one of our legacy companies. Today, we leverage our deep knowledge of this industry.

Our operational strategies maximize revenue generation while also ensuring a great patient experience. With our technology platforms and analytics tools, we provide the business intelligence to create customized treatment strategies that our collectors can leverage...

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Back Office Solutions

VSS - Back Office Solutions understands that by utilizing knowledge in new-fangled conducts, firms can magnificently lower their administrative costs without compromising on their high and superior service levels.

We offer insight driven back office support to our healthcare clients. Providing solutions that are more efficient, skillful and reliable is our metier. Our experts syndicate real-life scenarios, business insights...

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Offsite Solutions

VSS- Offsite Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare solutions to the healthcare sector in the United States. Our offerings range from processing of health care forms to medical coding to scheduling appointments for the patients.

We also address the Healthcare Insurance markets, allowing cost-effective and efficient management of transactions between payor organizations, health service providers and their patients...

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